NM WTB- b18a1 parts, ls/vtec head

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New Member
Rebuilding a b18a1.
Stuff I'm looking for...

ls crank (clean, stock grind)
b swap mounts to my 91 wagon
one ls rod
head to do a ls/vtec (may or may not do the head, wanting to see if I can find a decent deal on a head).

everything would need to be shipped to 88007 (please include shipping quote with price).
thought of a few things to add to my list
need these new of course....

oil pump
water pump
gasket set

plan to just buy these new from a supplier, but figure somebody may have new parts laying around from a project they never finished or something of the sorts
about the parts u need.

hey buddy i think i have everything u need almost. pretty much all of it. and ill sell it all cheaper than anyone else. i dont get on here much so u can email me at aszello@aim.com or u can call me anytime at 304 820 9764. names andrew.