CT WTB B20B Crank Pulley or aftermarket pully....

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I'm pulling the B20B out from a car I got, and the crank pulley is mangled to death...I'm hoping the loss of weight in some areas didn't warp the crank, but I'll need a new one. I want one in mint condition, or if someone has a B-series crank pulley lying around that they want some spare cash for... I'd prefer a lightweight one, with only the groves for the altenator, no PS or A/C for my car....hehe. I am just temped to just buy one of these off Ebay, but if someone has the same thing they don't need, I'd rather my cash go to someone who could use it. eBay Motors: JDM N1 HONDA CIVIC CTR Crank Pulley B16 B17 B18 B20 (item 380104558613 end time Feb-22-09 12:15:07 PST)

Paypal loaded with cash standing by....;)