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looking for 88 to 91 crx, or early 90s civic hatch, maybe 2nd gen integra, or early 3rd gen integras. just looking for a cheap school car for now while i rebuild my integra. other hondas and acuras in consideration.
live near kansas colorado area (boon docks)
um sorry no pics, and i mean i hate to sound like a dick if i do, but you would have to offer me more than i have in it for me to even thingk about selling. And ill be honest with you, its not worth as much as i have in it.
My advice to onetime_same, wait and look on places like www.hondaclassifieds.com and look into your local paper's classifieds. My buddy found a hf for 1600 with 180k and it had a good body.
I've got a 1990 DX with: Si motor, Header, Exhaust, Intake, Cam Gear, Chipped ECU(REV-LIMIT@9000 rpm) Full Si interior, Custom Sub Enclosure, Lowered 2", I only want $3500. Not sure if it's in your price range but can't hurt to advertise it.
to be honest, i did say i was looking for a cheap car, and if your smart, your car isnt WORTH as much as you put into it. i dont care if you put a bunch of shit in it, and you want to be reimbursed for that BIG LEE. but the fact of the matter is, i was looking for a cheap car and i JUST asked what you were asking. not how much you put in it and what condition was it in.

to anyone else reading this. i bought a b16a so i dont need a car. sorry
sorry dude, i said i didnt really want to sell it, but you wanted to know how much so i told you. didnt mean ne thing by it