Wtb Crx Interior

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Senior Member
I am in need of crx interior... that back portion: sides,back, and hopfully the storage area too! thanks
i have a storage compartment for sale from a 91 CRX. i have the little triangular pieces that go on the sides of it too if you want. let me know if your interested.
30 bucks for everything shipped. im in baltimore MD. you could pick it up if you were in the are, but i will ship it. i just need to find a box the right size. let me know if your interested.
I have the entire rear hatch peices, minus hatch carpet, for sale. It includes the sides, rear, top hing peice for cover, the bins behind the seat, even the hatch light. $75 plus shipping
I have a 91 crx, and I gutted the rear. So I have no need for any of that stuff. Unfortunatly I can't post any pics, but everything is in great condition. And I will be passing through Indiana on Monday or Tuesday, on my way to Chicago. Let me know! :p