WTB D,B,H and K trans that are bad

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WTB B,D,H,K trans that are bad. I know that there are lots of bad trans siting around that need fixed this is your chance to get some money out of your junk.

Let me know what you have and where you are located i will take care of the pickup for shiping and every thing else.
bump it up. Come on guys i know you have junk trans you want to get rid of. Ill also buy any T56 6spd from fbody,corvette,and cobra and 4L60,4L65,and 4L70 automatics
how much you want to give. i have b series cable trans. i think differential may have broke. evry gear feels solid but wont move and you can hear the gears whine
I got a 5 speed trans still on a stock d15b7 from 95 hatch dx, doesnt have anything wrong with it, its just sitting in my garage. im from the jersey shore.
i have a ys1 tranny with nothing wrong, what will you give me, located in fort wayne in 46818
ok not looking to buy good trans as most people want to much for them because they are good unless you are willing to sell them very cheep i dont want your good transmissions
Here's two right here for cheap. Its not my for sale thread but I bought a shift linkage from him.

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i got plenty of cases thanks for the offer

and also thanks for the lead on the trans as im going to go pick them up sat
Oh its no problem I seem to keep running into them on my quest for swap parts lol