WTB D15-

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I'm looking for someone in south Florida that has a D15b7 or similar that is looking to get rid of it...it should be sound and have compression...but it doesnt matter if it's from an auto or a manual...just looking for a spare b/c of me hanging a turbo on the one I have now....I can pick it up, and don't think it's worth alot...D15's are very easy to come by...looking for a deal...or to barter...I am a certified mechanic and have a TD in automotive servicing. If your interested I also have a mint 1987 FZR1000 for sale with lots of extras
d15 is out of a 88-90 crx hf 's right ? well i have that in my car i should have it out in a week or two... once i find my y8 head and a6 bttomend.. ill make a deal with u .., if it is what ur looking for....
I am mini-me'ing my car right now, soon I will have the head, intake manifold, ECU, head gasket, and distributor 4 sale (D15B7 that is) PM me if interested.
I have this motor you need 120,000 miles,,,I live in cental FL.
F.Y.I. I have 15 Hondas and Acuras for salvage including 3 92-95 coups
3 hatchs 92-95
4 hatchs 88-91
2 CRXs
2 Integras 90-91
2 integras 94-96
Lots of DOHC parts also
Thanks Civac :worthy: