Wtb D16y7 Longblock

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<~ gonna be selling my hole D16y7 when i swap in B16 stroker..... ill sell you the hole damn thing for 400 when its out
would you happen to know and would you be able to give me a price for the longblock
man if i get the swap done anytime soon you can have the damn thing....but you gotta pay shipping and shit......keep in touch with me and ill let you know when it comes out....by the way..whut the hell do want with a y7 for anyway?!?!?! :huh:
i jus got a new hatch and the rod bearing are spun and fuck buying new ones from honda i ain't got the money sofor know i was jus gona replace the long block since my girl jus had our baby
if you can hold off a while ill call it a baby shower gift from me to you. the motor has about 123xxx on it but it runs like a top.....youll prolly get the hole damn thing.. idont want to take it apart.