WTB : D16Z6 Parts

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Looking for a complete head swap for a 94 Civic, including throttle body, intake manifold, P28 AUTOMATIC ecu, distributor. Just lookig for OEM parts right now, I'm undecided as to NA or boost (leaning towards NA) PM me or contact me @ Afipunk21@hotmail.com.
Originally posted by asmallsol@Dec 19 2002, 06:06 PM
pills has one but his is from an automatic

you mean manual? The only thing that matters is the ECU, whether it's manual/auto.
yea manuel that is what i ment, you could get the ecu off ebay if you cant find one in an automatic
anyone have a TB, IM, Auto ECU, distrib.?
I have a d16z6 head that is bare and its been ported,polished,acid dipped,milled,tested etc. Its a very nice head but it only has the valves and a couple valve springs. Also have trottle body and intake manifold that has been port matched.Includes all sensors,injectors,fuel raile,fpr,etc. Also have a d16z6 polished destributer with cap. Email me or im me on dumped civic si
email- snowbrdin1@aol.com
ttt, auto ECU is till needed, ebay dosent have one. Cheapest one I found is from sohfast.com for 140 :(
Ill sell you my auto p28 for whatever I can get a 5spd one for. Pm me sometime.
acid dipped pretty much means the bare head has been dipped in some kinda acid to clean off all the buildup etc,so the head is completely clean,no residue or anything.
TTT, still looking for Intake Manifold with all sensors, Auto P28, and si dstributor.
You can change an auto ecu to a manual ecu or vice versa in about 5 min. It is very easy to do and anyone can do it. All you need is a soldering gun.