Wtb D16z6 Swap Parts

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looking for everything to swap a z6 head on my d16a2 would like 95 si parts including ecu intake manifold everything needed to do the swap on a 88crx so yeah cash to spend southern cali area will pick up.


Junior Member
Ive got a 95 civic si head for sale. The head has a JG cam, ported and polished, 3 angle valve job. This head screams. Well it did on my car anyways.

Im asking 250+shipping......Ill throw in my Fields Boxer Vtec controller for 300 shipped.

Email me at dustass@hotmail.com or reply to this message


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i have the complete manifold i will sell you. it has all the sensors, injectors, tb, fuel rail, etc...

i'll let you have it for 75 plus shipping if your interested.

i also have a 94 si head for 125 plus shipping. the head will come complete also with all sensors.

e-mail me at abe_samaniego@yahoo.com