WTB: eclipse/talon/lancer/mirage differential or parts trans

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looking for stock or used good/broken obx or quaife diffs, specifically the 8-bolt ring gear versions from:

1g or 2g eclipse/talon/laser/gvr4 awd front
1g eclipse/talon/laser/ fwd (non-420a)
Lancer (non-evo)?
Evo 1-3 front

as far as the Eclipse awd front diff goes i'm told it doesnt matter what gen as all awd front diffs are the same, if this is incorrect somebody please lmk.

In any case I need at least one of these asap to verify fitment into a custom project. This is kind of a back burner project so the budget on this is tight, can't be dropping $$$ on a complete trans, quaife, etc.

Just looking for a spare stock unit from a broken trans or after upgrading to an lsd, used obx after replacing, etc

will also consider a complete trans for parts if the price is right- cracked case, broken input shaft, etc

Anyone got anything? pm me
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why dont you ask on mirageforums.net ? or something?

also, the diffs are all very different. none of what you have listed above is swappable. no lancer came with a 4g63 that wasnt an evo.

if you want to get technical the 4g61t trans out of the 3G colt/mirage turbo may also work for you.

i think your question is wrong. why not tell us what you are exactly trying to accomplish and i may be able to point you into the right, cheap direction.


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I'm aware a lot of the units I have listed do not directly interchange with each other. I need one of the ones listed because these are the ones that are close enough to fitting a custom housing that we have for a custom project. So it doesn't really matter which of these that anybody comes through with since there are already several dimensions that will have to be machined anyways. To perform the additional mods to make any of the units listed fit the rest of the way is just a matter of doing.

it's not like I'm some shithead kid trying to cheap out and put the wrong diff in a trans and expecting it to fit, I just really don't care which one somebody comes thru with because it doesn't matter too much.

although ideally I need whichever one is the 8-bolt 116mm ring gear pattern, and 25 spline with 1 mod pitch and 37.5 degree pressure angle, which I'm told is the front diff in the awd eclipse/talon/gvr4, and NOT the 27 spline version which I'm told is in the fwd 2g models but I could make that one work as well if need be

I'm obviously not really a Mitsu guy so I don't know all the forums and what's swappable and what's not, I'm just going by what I've been told by a few Mitsu guys and manufacturers' listings like Quaife, etc