WTB Jeep in CT

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I am looking for a Jeep. I really want a wrangler or a cj, but I would be interested in a Cherokee. Standard only. I am looking on to spend about 2500. CT only. Let me know what you have.
I may be able to get you an 89 with a blown tranny, but it will be more like $1000 . Lemme know.

I have an 88 but if I sold it I would want $6500. Frame up resto.
Let me know the details. The only thing is I have nowhere to put a new tranny in it.
i might be able to get a white jeep grand cherokee or its just a cherokee i'm not sure its 4wd with a 4.0 motor in it let me know. everything has been replaced on it timing belt, tensonir, serpentine belt all the tune up shit let me know blue book on it is about 3500 would get rid of it for 2.