WTB list...

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Sorry for the repost, not sure how to rename my other post, If a mod could delete it, thanks

Heres the list of what Im lookin for...
All this is for a d16y7.

forged low comp pistons and rods
injectors, 450-550cc.
chipped P06 ecu to use on my y7...
OBD2 to OBD1 harness
ARP head studs
charge piping for 96 civic
Walbro 255 fuel pump

seems it will be hard to find this other than ebay or tunertoys or something, but its worth a shot

Have cash avaialable at reasonable price.
pm me if you have anything. and price your lookin to sell at. Thanks
that a bit up there... I found em new for 74... sorry man, that seems to be the best price im gonna find, lol
sorry mines obd2b its for 99-00 civic damn this thing is just sittin here i need to get rid of it