WTB : More Z6 Parts

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What Cam to get?

  • Crower Stage 1 Street/Strip 325

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Add more shit to the list :
Skunk2 valves
Skunk2 valve springs
Skunk2 retainers
GReddy Timer
Crower/Zex Cam
Also looking for a D16Z6 wiring harness (I am aware of the one on ebay)

Endyn Pistons/Eagle Rods when I can get a good deal on em.
the zex cam is badass, a friend of mine with i/h/e and the zex cam kinda kept up with me when i had the d15/t. That was when i was running 15.1xx on 6 psi. The cam made the car loud as shit though...
heh, i didnt put the turbo on, it came with it already installed. Yeah the d15/t sucked ass, thats why i recommend NOT DOING IT!! It was so weak...partially because the td04 greddy turbo is a piece, and partially cause the d15 blows.

"Only ran 15's?" Thats what most of them run on 6 psi. 102 hp stock + ~ 60 from the 6 psi= 160 crank horsepower. Thats what the si's have, and they run mid 15's. Subtract a little weight cause its a del sol and there you have it- low 15's :) The jackson supercharged d series run around 15.6...that sucks too.

BTW, arent you planning a swap soon? If so, why waste your money on stuff that wont be compatable with the new motor?
It's a mini-me ,all of those parts are for a Z6.
i might be stupid but isn't a greddy timer for turbos.... i thought yoru car was going to be na
Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Jan 21 2003, 06:25 PM
i might be stupid but isn't a greddy timer for turbos.... i thought yoru car was going to be na

Greddy N/A turbo timer owns!! They have those n/a blow off valves too, that would be nice with the timer.

:P jp man
It's more than just a turbo timer, it's for any application, it does 0-62 mph, 1/4 mile time, digital tach/speedometer, etc.
He is going to use it for everything he can, minus the turbo timer. If i get my income taxes back, i'm going to jump on it.. i have an 89 daytona project and it will get a turbo stage 3 setup soon and i could use it all. for $90 bucks, wtf? its well worth it!!
I ordered it thru options auto...It was a buck cheaper, but I had to pay like 97.00 total, it will be here friday/sat :)