Wtb.my Friend Is In Need Of A B18a

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Hey my friend now wants to do a b18a swap, so if u guys have any b18a's for sale please post with price, what it comes with and miles/km's and location. Thx
I have a 70k mile B18A1 in Nor Cal. It has an auto but I will sell the whole swap; axles, ecu, trans, radiator, the whole engine compartment still running for $800. Everything is legit and I can prove it. Let me know
i have a 92 ls swap, comes w/bomz racing polished headers,intake manifold polished inside and out. polished valve cover w/ side cut to see cam gears. complete engine is polished. 62403 crower cams w/ hayame cam gears. y1 tranny comes limited slip. w/ axles,ecu. no mounts or shiftlinkage. asking 1300 for it. located in eastern us in pa.