WTB: obd1 dizzy

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im in desperate need of a obd1 at least somewhat of a decent condition dizzy, :worthy: anyone got one laying around or have one off an old block they want to part out... i have a wholesale license i can get parts if anyone wants something i can trade a part for the dizzy as well... let me know need one asap thanks for anyhelp i can get guys
yeah that would help wouldnt it lol ... i got a SOHC zc non vtec block which im putting a vtec y8 head on it i have the head and the ecu i need the dizzy and i think i should be ok... unless someone knows something im missing


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I have a D16Y8 dizzy for sale... minus the cap. It is however OBD 2a obviously...
i just got really confused lol.... i got a sohc non vetc zc block that will be taking on a y8 head... what dizzy do i need... obd1 or obd2... is there a difference? will either one work with a p28 ecu, i researched the hell outa this and all i find is people with a z6 head. anyone know what dizzy i need to swap onto this block.. and if your obd2 dizzy works with my set up what would you be askin for it shipped to 92808? thanks guys i appreciate the help


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OBD II Dizzy (new ICM installed): 50 bucks

I had it posted at 30 but someone local offered 45 so I'll take 50 + shipping (which would be 7.70 plus .45 cent for delivery confirm). As for what you need... I'm not really sure, I know that an OBD IIa dizzy off of another D16Y8 would probably be your best bet and if you are running an OBD I harness you can always get the adapter for just the dizzy. Good luck man
sent the money via paypal... should get it, let me know a tracking number asap.... i pmmed you the address and everything else. thanks for the help