Wtb: Prelude Injectors

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i would prefer the injectors from a 92-96 H22 that are 310 or 340 cc

but i would settle for the 280 cc injectors from the 97+
are you 100% sure they are 340 cc injectors?? i can't fuck around on this one...

80 bucks? + shipping?

this will go a lot easier if you tell me how much you want
this injectors are from a 95 JDM H22A motor....so they are 340cc...and i'm 100% sure of that i thought my injectors were saturated injectors when i got my motor cuz it's a 97...but it's JDM...so they're peak and hold up to '99...so in saying that i brought it a set and didn't use it....so i soak each end of the injectors in gas...sitting in a jaw so it wont clog over time...

100 bucks + shipped

and i'm not here to rip anyone off...the thing here is trust issue...i have no idea how are you gonna pay for it even if you want it...any suggestion?
if you want to make it easier and not worry about me jacking you...then i just saw a prelude innjectors for buy now for $119
I dont think Adam was saying you might rip him off, but his dad owns an import shop and might need 340's for sure, and that is why he couldnt "fuck around"... :)

Good luck in selling.
yea. 100+ shipping i'll take them.

i was more concerned with the flow rate because i will program that into my hondata system and i don't want to be telling the ECU the wrong thing.

i can paypal, or send money order
i'll send you a pic of it if you want just need an email address...If you would like to purchase these injectors, please send me a money order or a cashiers check. For the shipping, give me your zip code so I can call for shipping rate in your area...and insurance is optional. I would suggest you to get insurance, i think insurance for a 100 dollar item is less than 10 dollars ... So, if you are intersted, hit me back with your zip code, n then ill give you a billing adress.