Wtb Sol Interior Stuff

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I am looking actually for 2 things, one i am not so worried about.

First thing that I want a little bit more, the little ashtry thing that has the flip up lid, yea, mine broke, right at one of the spring hinges so now it wont close right. I want the entire remove able part, all you sol people know what i am talking about? That little thing that has the cig. lighter in it, yea i need that box thing

Next thing that i am not so worried about is the little flip up thing that covers the radio. Not sure if you can just remove the flip up panel or if you have to replace the whole center counsel thing (from top of radio to the e brake?)

I not to worried about getting this crap and am not looking to pay that much, basicly a little bit plus shipping. Thanks for your help
I almost bought a new radio lid, but when i took off the console, I noticed that the plastic hinge was just poped out of the joint....you may want to check that out before droping 38 bucks. BTW: my ashtray thing is broken too :(
no i know it is broken. When i put my radio in i saw that the little hinge part, snapped off. It still works but not real smoothly.