Wtb: Stock Wheels Needed

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Okay, I have a honda civic...it's my baby...Imports for life, but I recently stumbled across a hell of a deal on a '96 Dodge Neon DOHC <_< and I'm looking for a set of the stock oem wheels that are from the Sport Models and RT's. They are the 14'' aluminum ones. The car I bought had them, but the owner sold them to get some heavy, chrome 17's. To lighten the car, i'm ditch'n the 17's and wanna replace them w/ the stock ones. If any of you guys know of where I might find a set of 4 cheap and in good-excellent condition, hit me up or point me in the right direction....thanks :worthy: ........I.D.
yeah...that link is so funny. haha . but i can take a joke. i was just hoping that someone might be able to help. I'm still looking for those wheels.
i would suggest checking a NEON board