WTB: Turbo stuff

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Picked up a Garrett T3, and now I need everything else. So I am looking for the following...

Oil sending and return lines
Piping for a B16A in an EG
Injectors, something bigger, but not huge

So if you have any of this stuff that you want to gt rid of, let me know. I'll be slowly accuiring parts, till it is complete, thanks.


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thats cuz i can't type. and an o to make turb turbo :)


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hey have alot of them parts you looking for chief!!!!

they where all for my b18c turbo swap...never made it on the car
-maxrev turbo manifold w/external wastegate applacation
-greddy type 24 frt mount intercooler w/lower pipes and couplelings was meant for gsr but you can make it all work
-greddy types bov
-rc 310cc injectors
-alot of fittings and oil bung fitting for the return line

make a decent offer, have them for sale in the for sale forum under d-series and b-series parts for sale...
let me know if you interested or need some pics...have plenty
injectors only used for 793 miles, everything else is brand new