WTT or for sale: a6/y8 arp head studs

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i have a brand new set of arp head studs for the d16y8, part# 208-4305. i bought them because i'm doing a y8 mini me head swap onto the a6 block in my 88 crx si. i found out that these won't work because i need the a6 kit, along with 1 y8 bolt. if anybody wants to trade for the a6 kit but keep 1 of each of our own kits, i would trade straight across. or i'll sell for $80, which is what i paid for them, but you pay shipping to wherever you're at. please let me know what you'd like to do and we can talk more. thanks a lot everybody
Bump for you. Best of luck on your sale my friend. I hope you end up getting what you need. :thumbsup:
thanks. i'll get what i need one way or another lol

i'm selling them for cheaper than you can find them anywhere! brand new! never used!
that's where i got them from. the douche won't take them back even though they're still brand new. i wasn't quite sure but he ensured me these were what i needed, he said "oh, they'll fit any d series" so yeah. whatever, we'll see cause i'm still arguing with him. but if i can help somebody else on here first, i'd rather do that. let me know if you guys want em
bump. this is a great price for a brand new set of arp y8 head studs. you can't get these any cheaper for being brand new