XP on a MACPRO, no OSX at all. what?

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That’s how you get ants
[09:42] cmf256: i have a macpro
[09:42] cmf256: with XP on it
[09:42] cmf256: but no bootcamp or parallels. any ideas how that works?
[09:43] cmf256: "i busted my pc" dude says
[09:43] cmf256: and its a freakin mac with no trace of OSX on it whatsoever
[09:44] dean: can a user delete the OS?
[09:44] cmf256: yeah its possible but not probable
[09:44] cmf256: bootcamp and parallels require OSX to run
[09:45] cmf256: GONG!!!! then you get the XP loading screen
[09:45] dean: hahahahahhaha
[09:46] cmf256: but noone knows how it was done, none of the standard mac boot keys work

any ideas guys? how the heck is it installed?