XS WRX For Sale

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Oh yeah, forgot it won a Touge battle thats featured in a video Hot Version that also produces Best Mo. Vids. The car got praises from Orido and the Drift King himself.
Initially, after just reading your description, I would have said no - however, with the internal mods to the block - I'd say, perhaps it is worth 30k.
i would think it would be making more power with all that work done. but like eg said thats alot of high end parts
try running those gummy yokohomas for a month :-D.

i think they were probably looking for more response than all out power. those arias and crower rods and sure take it. along with the 740cc injectors. not sure about those ihi turbos though. dont know much about turbo specs.

anyway, i think its worth, especially with only 16000 on it and 1000 on the motor. its probably beat to hell though.


definatly worth the money :thumbsup:
i hate the fucking dodge neon headlights on that body style though :thumbsdown:


the 2000 2.5RS style was the best looking model subaru had

22b mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :wub:





still the best looking body style

im sure you could either boost it or swap something else in there pretty easily :)

or try to get your hands on a 22b and ass rape STIs like its your job :)
I saw that WRX on the dyno when my car was at XS Engineering, but I was too busy looking at the Skylines :p
Personally, I wouldn't buy it, unless I was using it as a dedicated racecar and had some serious knowledge about maintaining a car like that.

Onto the headlight debate. :p The GC (98-01) definitely had teh sexiest headlights, but the bug eyes are loads above the "blob eyes" or "cross eyes" of the '04-'05 WRX's. Blech.


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blob > bug > bob.

bobeyes = the 06.

its so not sexy, that it gets a guys name.
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Aug 18 2005, 12:18 AM
22 = the 2.2L engine
B = the Bilstein shocks it comes equiped with
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22B is Hex for "555" Their sponsors.

You can get that on the Subaru racing press docs.