Y8 Mini-Me : new problems/discoveries- need advice

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I am putting a Y8 head & intake manifold onto my 92 dx. I'm about 1/2 way through the swap and heres something i learned tonight for all attempting this swap: VX/Si water pump will NOT fit
Also the new 1996 EX head bolts that I bought have about 1" shorter w/ less thread than the bolts that came on the D15b7 I wouldn't think that they would be ok to use with less thread to hold them in, I tried both the D16Y8 and D15b7 bolts and they both hold the head down, just the Y8 bolts didnt go all the way to the bottom of the hole cause they are an inch shorter on the end w/ thread.
The D15b7 intake manifold has a white plastic sensor on the back, the idle air intake sensor (IAT) I think it may be. the y8 manifold doesnt have a place for this to go, can I forget about this sensor or install it on the rubber intake hose from the airbox, or do i need to drill a hole in the y8 intake manifold and jb weld it on?
Also the vtec wiring. I know that i need to add 3 wires. the orange/white stripe/silver dot wire is the vtec solenoid, simple 1 wire hook up. the other wire is orange/blue stripe/silver dots, the VTM, and it goes to the green 2 prong connector below the vtec solenoid. is the other wire on this connector a chassis ground? which wire goes on which prong?
Thanks, I will have vtec before the week ends!!! :spin:
i think you have one wire vtec solenoid.
and 2 wires vtec presure.
the vtec presure 1 is ground(i have read the right one)
and 1 is the signal wire.
Msg me if you wanna ecu pin-out. I will only run 2 wires to the ecu.

I will swap to mini-me on friday if the weather is oke, because it is 8 degrees Celius.
calvin, you will not need to run any wires to the ECU for the mini me swap if your 92 is a hatch. The two orange striped wires i mentioned in the 1st post are on the passenger side of your engine, by the shock tower, there are 3 harnesses stacked on top of each other. on the top harness, the wires are one on the top row and one on the second row, both on the far left. All 92 hatchbacks were pre wired for vtec.

are you doing the Z6 or Y8 mini-me swap?