Yes, I Know It's A Dumb Idea

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Hey has anybody out there taken the four wheel steering assembly from a 2nd 3rd or 4th generation prelude and put it on a different car?

Just curious, I like thinking of weird and unique things to do.

If you think it's a dumb idea then why ask? 4WS was not cool enough to be worth the hassle of trying to make it fit on another car.

[rant] What is it with everyone looking for something "unique" or "weird" to do to their cars? Are we regressing into the pop-punk culture of I want to be different just like everyone else? Instead of trying to find "unique" or "weird" things to do how about you just set goals for the way you want your car to perform and meet them. If you stumble on something new and inventive then horray.[/rant] Okay, I am off my soap box.
Actually, I don't think it's a stupid idea.

The only reason I wrote that as my topic starter is because if I hadn't then somebody would have just replied with some cocky remark like "it's not worth the effort dickhead, quit wasting our time"

I'm looking for real information, not just someone telling me to f*** off.

Anyways, you say:

"how about you just set goals for the way you want your car to perform and meet them.
If you stumble on something new and inventive then horray"

Well, here are my goals:
1: have a bad-ass car that is ridiculoulsly fast (from a 88 CRX)
2: mount the engine in the back of the car and make it rear wheel drive.
3: use this car only for occasional fun and racing
4: the majority of it's use will be on the street and only occasionally on the track (so turning is an issue)

Here's a more in depth description of why I asked about the 4 wheel steering conversion.

My first car was a '88 prelude with 4 wheel steering. I loved the way it steered. The '88 had mechanical 4 wheel steering, not the electronic kind that doesn't make much of a difference. I've since owned 5 other hondas, all of which I loved but none of which turned as well. They were/are a '93 prelude, a '96 civic, a '98 accord, a '91 prelude, and a '88 crx.

I'm using the 88 crx for my racecar project and was thinking if I bought a front clip off a donor car(car make depends on what engine I go with) and took everything power/suspension/chassis related (that I'd need) and move it into the back of the crx. Then the CRX would then have turning wheels on the back. That being the case, I could then take the 4 wheel steering mechanisms from an 88 prelude and put it into the CRX thus making it rear wheel drive and 4 wheel steering.

Anyways, that's all hypothetical depending on whether or not it's do-able.

There ya go...
With enough time/money anything is doable in that CRX. Worthwhile is another story entirerly. Are you talking about making only the back wheels turn? Cause that is what your clip idea sounds like. Other wise you have two choices: 1. Use the mechanical system and custom make everything that was used to connect the front steering setup to the rear because I doubt the Prelude and the CRX are the same length or that the CRX has the same chassis setup that would allow you to use parts from the Prelude. Or 2. Use an electronic setup. With this mehtod you still have to custom make many of the rear suspension parts because I doubt the 92-95 Prelude rear suspension will work on you CRX. And you have to wire it all. In short I don't think this is worth while.