Yo what do u ppl think about Exel Race wheels

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What do u think about Exel Race wheels do you think they are any good, I mean they are mad cheap for 17's. For 799$ I can get 17's with tires and free shipping from Florida. I think its a good deal but I never heard of this brand.

1) What do u think about the look of the tire?
2) Is it durable?
3) How much it weights, I couldnt find it anywere online, not even in Preference -> Wheels weight.

Thank you!!!
Ok no one answered, just look at the pic then and tell me if u like it...

Looks kinda like a chop.
They could have put fork sports and it would have been less obvious...
Spoom came out a while back, 6 or more months. But yea, they are an actual company i believe.
I just ran a google search on spoom wheels. All that came up was stuff about water wheels and a couple links to EVO boards asking how to take off the "Spoom" decal from the wheels. I didn't find a web page for exel wheels either. They sound like knock-off's to me. You get what you pay for...