You're Gonna Have To Draw A Picture

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;) I need serious help with the vacum lines on my swap. Putting a B18A1 in a 1988 crx that had a d16 in it. Got the mounts and the wireing figgured out. The vac lines are KILLING me and I'm completly ignorant. I can take digital pictures if it will help.


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Sure, if no one comes up with the answer post pics of your engine bay including a pic of the sticker on the hood that shows how the lines are run (if you have one) and I'll try to help you out.


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Dont make fun of the crappy diagram. i hope it helps...

The thing off the top part of the intake manifold ( i forgot what its called) that, right now i have no clue where to hook that vac hose up... this is all off of my car. 88 civic with ls......