Z6 cam recommendation

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I just put a z6 in my 90 CRX Si - Before I put the z6 in I put crower rods and srp 10.5:1 pistons in. The head is shaved and I'm running about 11:1 compression ratio. I have a dc header and an akimoto intake. I have a cam gear(not on yet) and a apexi controller(also not on yet). I've run the engine about 300 miles so far and all seems good. I'm now in the market for a cam and am looking for a recommendation on a good one. The car will be driven on the street and 1/4 mile.

ZEX makes the only really good cam for the z6 IMO.
Don't forget that Comp Cams is marketting their Import stuff under the ZEX brand name, so ZEX=Comp Cams = a name that has been around for years.
its about $250 from most places, and comes in 2 stages:

Stage 1
Street performance cam. Works well with intake,
header and exhaust upgrades. Excellent torque
and mid range power. #59100
Stage 2
Street/Strip performance cam. Large increases in
power from off idle to rev limiter. Maximizes power
increases from intake, header, and exhaust upgrades.
Excellent high RPM power. Requires ZEX Valve
Springs and Titanium Retainers upgrade.

I imagine any valvetrain upgrade will work...
Hmm... I had no idea that Comp Cams were dumping their stuff through ZEX. I still want to see a bunch of dyno charts for SOHC VTEC came though- I've been searching every now and then, and they're hard to come by.
i would be careful about the milled head and aftermarket cams without getting lighter valves... just a warning
Damn! This is one hell of a NA daily driven B18C! :blink:

38-jojo turbo 713 hp.jpg

They must've posted the wrong dyno chart in there... :D