Z6 w/ Y8 intake mani

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Hi i have an 89 crx dx, with stock D15B2. I bought a D16Z6 to swap into it, but for now i am just going to put the Z6 head on my B2 block while i build the 1.6 block. My question is, the Z6 motor came with a Y8 intake manifold, which is mpfi, and my dx is dpfi. I know i have to get a p28, obd0 to obd1 jumer harness, and convert to mpfi. My little brother just bought an 89 hf, which is mpfi. can i use his engine harness to convert to mpfi or do i have to get an obd1? He lives a few hours away so i can't go check it out myself. I am a noob so anything will help, thanks guys.
yes you can use his harness plus go on ebay and get a complete OBD to OBD1 conversion kit i paid 120 for mine on ebay
The HF harness wont be a match to your plugs. It'll be a lot easier if you just add your injector wires to your DX harness.
so i can wire my dx harness to fit the y8 mani?? that would be nice. iv searched for this topic for a few days now, do you have a good link? thanks for the help!! how do i give rep points??
Is there a diagram to show how to wire the resistor box also to make the car to a si?4 injectors