Zc Axles, Please Help!

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I'm planning on running a zc tranny in my 89 civic and was wondering what axles should I run. I don't have the shaft so I heard that I have to hybrid my old axles with the inner joints of a 90-93 integra axles. Anyone know of a better way to go about this or is this the way. One more thing, I heard the final drive of the zc tranny is at about 4300, would that be a big problem to me on the highway? It's not going to work my motor now is it? Okay, thanks for your help people.
to make your whole setup WAYYYY easier, you will want to use an Si tranny. then all you will need is the Si axles. which will be wayyy easier to get/find than making/trying to find zc axles.
Nope. 86-89 Integra axles, or hybrid with your current axles- I think you need to use two passenger side axles though. I'll be doing this in a while, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh yeah... Zexy is right- it's MUCH easieir to use the Si transmission. I might still do that too, if I can't find a direct axle replacement. I would much rather use my ZC transmission because of the equal length axles though- but they're both probably going to get torn apart and meshed with each other anyway, so it won't matter too much.

no no no no no. get the zc tranny. and while ur at it, find a zc ecu. i had a zc in my 89 civic and fourth and fifth gear were no problem.
first was eh. but i could pull on almost anything i was racing in second gear, and that is where i won 99.9 of the races i got into. once in second, i was gone.

if u want to buy a zc ecu and cant find one, email me, i sold my zc, but kept the ecu.......

and i think they used the si axles when doing the swap. email me and ill tell u the set up i had on it.

My ZC transmission has the stock Si axles loaded in it, and they "pop" all the time when turning. It's REALLY annoying. The driver's side axle from the Si is too long- that's what causes this. You need the Integra axles to make it work correctly with the intermediate shaft. The gearing isn't bad in the upper gears of the ZC transmission either- I just want to swap in the Si final drive and the Si 5th gear so I can really have a nice setup.