Zc Sohc Engine

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;) , i have a 94 civic coupe with a 1.6 zc sohc engine on it, can somebody tell me some tricks to gain more HPs?????????? thnks...

santo domingo :worthy:
Chip the ECU, reduce the weight of the flywheel, a cold air intake, make the exhaust tube 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 depending on what you have in the motor, advance the ignition, remove some hoses in the intake manifold and put a ruber bung in the holes of the manifold(ask a friend what hoses you can eliminate) if you don't know what hoses are going to eliminate, check that the accelerator cable was stretched, buy brake or carburator cleaner in spray, remove the intake tube, spray the throttle body and clean it, and spray to the inside of the intake manifold (with the throttle open), put the intake tube on the throttle and switch on the car(the motor start very different but wait a few minutes and accelerate the car at 3,000 or 4,000 rpm a few seconds until the motor feel normal) all this is to clean the intake manifold, if are very dirt when you run the car you can feel it more strong, bore the throttle body or buy a big one, buy a racing cam,make a angle valve job in the head and port and polish it and the intake manifold, balance the motor, buy a cam gear and a fuel regulator and go to a dyno and set the car.