Zc Sohc Or Dohc?

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Im debating on wether to get a ZC SOHC OR DOHC... they both say the same HP but I was wondering if one is better then the other... im swappin into my 89 CRX HF... so it should be pre fast with 130hp... and another question... is it 130hp at the wheels or flywheel??
well thanks
i have a friend who has a sohc zc that he might be willing to sell....if interested let me know and i'll ask....it's just sitting in his garage right now.....
Yes I have a zc dohc. In a 91 CRX SI, the guy I got the car form said it runs 15.4 stock I just got a header and intake done. But I don't know what it runs. :D But I'm taking my ZC out and going with a B16A this summer.
I have a SOHC ZC in my CRX, and I can't compare it to a DOHC ZC (never driven one), but this one feels pretty strong on its own.
sohc ZC motor can be converted in to a Mini me swap with the Vtec head or the JDM ZC SOHC motor comes with Vtec both Dohc an sohc make 130 ish HP
you can make a pretty quick car with a SOHC, but i have to give it up for DOHC