zc swap help...into 91 crx hf


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i have a 91 crx hf that i just dropped a DOHC ZC into, the engine came with an si engine harness and my car is an hf, everything plugged in fine, but when i tried to start it i don't get any spark.... if i let th car sit for a few minutes and come back and turn the key to the second position it will give one spark, then when you try to start it nothing.... i'm also getting a CEL code 15(igniton output system)...is this because i need to use the hf engine harness? anyone?


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yea, take off the si harness and plug in your HF harness, all you have to do is take the two blue wires from the distributor plug, blue/yellow, blue/green and run it over to the Cam angle Sensor on the exhaust cam. when you do a swap, you should generally try to stick with your stock engine harness.


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you could use the si all you have to do is run the ignitor wire from the pass shocktower(si) to the drivers side(hf)