Zc Vs B16a

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Ok I need to know if anyone cna help me?!?!?! I have a (91-CRX-SI) :)
Ok I have the ZC DOHC Non-vtec swap. Ok It is stock with 130hp and I got it up to 140hp ;)
I need to know what you people think??? I see that a b16a is a 1.6L and the ZC is a 1.6L. I want to know if I should get a b16a head and put it on my ZC block?!?!? Or should I stay with the ZC and try to get it up to 160hp and then turbo it. I would like to know what ya'll think. Cuz I was thinking about going with the Type-R head on my ZC block. I just need to know if I can do that, or will it really work cuz I know the Type-r is a 1.8L. But Just tell me what you all think I should do. And if I need some parts to do the diff head like (ECU).

I am pretty sure that a b series head will not fit on a d series block. And I know that d series trannies are weaker, so add another benefit for upgrading to the b16a. Plus You will have a motor just starting out at 160 hp, so there is tons of potential left in it, where as you will have your zc nearly maxed out. I say swap in the new motor. I would consider a b18a1 swap as well. Tons of torque, and lots of possibilty for hp, an ls/t with a bolt on kit and stock internals could make 250 whp. Good luck
the itr head will NOT fit on a d-series block. go with a b16 and then you can swap on an itr head and have many many more aftermarket parts available.
No you can't put a B series head or tranny on a D series block.If you already have a dohc D in your car and want more power,I suggest a turbo as opposed to swapping again or trying to frankenstein it.