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I have a JDM ZC and I'm replacing the rods and pistons and the such and I obviously need to replace the rod bearings, but I'm unclear on how to tell what bearings I need. I'm pretty sure that I need bearings from the D16Z6 but I talked to a guy at a Honda dealership and he said that there is like eight different bearings for that engine and I need to find out what ones I need. So how do I do that? The guy in parts wasn't helpful at all. Anyway, any info on rods bearings for a ZC would be great.



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im not sure what bearings to use. if your sure there the z6 then get them. honda said there is like eight different kinds becasue there is color coded sizes. if your not sure which sizes toget i would get brown for the outside main journals, adn green for the middle three. i know the outside ones are different for mthe mids and ive seen two cranks with this setup so i would go with that if your unsure. for the rods i would get all green. also at nappa you can jsut order the bearings for the car adn they just have one standard size. make sure to specify the rods from the mains cause the mains are bigger.


So you (atk724) think that it would just be easier to go to Nappa and order the ones for that engine? Would they have as good of a fit as the color coded ones from honda? So you think the rod bearings are going to be green? Thanks for the help.


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There is no way to guess what code your bearings are going to be. Is your engine apart?


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I would check your bearings out and see how they look I just rebuilt my engine with high boost in mind but had no reason to change out my bearings

honda bearings last along time unless you run your engine dry

if you do replace them go with OEM honda all the way