Zex Kit

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Junior Member
Zex kit (dry) for sell........................$300.00 shipped anywhere in the U.S.
comes with 45 and 75 shot.
No i dont have a pic.
But this is what it comes with :
-Nitrous managment unit
-Arming switch
-Mounting brackets
-Braided lines and fittings
-10 lb bottle
-Pre-Mounted brackets
-55/75 hp jets
I need some money quick so i am going to let this kit that selss for $400,
go for $ 250.00 shipped anywere in the U.S.

This is cheap and quick horsepower.

You can install this yourself in less than an hour.
Just fill up the bottle and go.
i am interested in it but i might need some time for the money. i am going to houston for spring break and i might be able to meet you somewhere to pick it up...even though that is a little time away.
just wandering if you still had the zex kit for sale. email me and lets see if we can work something out on the money.
I still have it for sale.
But i will not go any lower.
$ 250.00 is as low as i will go
this is a steal for quick / cheap horsepower.
Jesus,what a bunch of lowballers,I thought I was bad,It's a $500 system shipping from a dealer.