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b18c swap wont start

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by muzeii, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    Hey, i'm still pretty new and i finally got my engine all installed an all my parts have come in.

    If you havn't seen my posts, i have a 94 civic hatckback vx, with a 97 Jdm intergra TypeR B-18C. It's an obd2a1 engine that i rewired to obd1. I just got my chipped p28 ecu in the mail.

    I tried to start it about ten minutes ago for the first time, but it won't start. Here's my situation:

    The starter turns the engine over
    I have spark at my wires (tested by removing one wire and seeing if it sparked to a ground)
    I have fuel pressure, the gauge on my fuel rail reads at about 40psi when i'm trying to start it.
    Checked all fuses

    because i have spark i assume i rewired the dizzy right.

    I'm looking for my brother's code reader and can't find it (i have a light being thrown), I have a feeling the problem is really simple andi'm over looking something really dumb.

    thanks, i have my laptop in the garage and will be working on it for the evening, please give me some pointers!
    Any checks that you can come up with at the top of your head would be great.
  2. 99sidude

    99sidude Moderator Moderator

    check timing
  3. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    I havn't yet, but the car should atleast putter or like try to start or back fire if it was just the timing.....i would think, all thats happening is the car trys to start but it's jsut the starter turning it over...nothing else
  4. 99sidude

    99sidude Moderator Moderator

    if the timing is off enough it won't start at all
  5. 99sidude

    99sidude Moderator Moderator

    you might want to check your injectors too... maybe they are clogged
  6. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    can't find my brothers timing light either.... i do know that the timing was correct before we pulled the engine out of the old car, and i cleaned the injectors before i dropped the engine in....
  7. 99sidude

    99sidude Moderator Moderator

    so fuel and spark is good...

    check the ecu, and the wiring harness
    did you change the timing belt while the engine was out? if so is the cam timing off?
  8. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    My brother did most of the work on the engine while it was out, we had the head rebuilt (by a shop) and he reinstalled it. He went to school for this kind of stuff so i assume that he put the head back in correctly (like putting the cam shafts in the appropriate spots), we did replace the timing belt in the process. From my knowledge i would say that it all was done right.......but at the same time he's on my shit list because he was suppose to help me finish this project.
  9. 99sidude

    99sidude Moderator Moderator

    pull the upper timing belt cover. Turn the crank pully to the TDC mark, and see if the cam gears are also at TDC
  10. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    They all seem to be in line.

    I just checked the voltage at my injectors and they have power as well.
  11. formby

    formby learning in progress

    did you jump start it?
    the battery might be slightly dead
  12. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    didn't think it would help but i just tried jumping it to be safe, and nothing new to report.
  13. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    How would i go about "checking the ecu"?

    it's plugged in, from the info i gathered off this site and some other research i'm pretty sure i wired the engine correctly...
  14. 99sidude

    99sidude Moderator Moderator

    plug in another obd1 ecu. Any honda civic/teg obd1 ecu should make your car atleast start. If another ecu starts your car, then that tells you yours is bad.
  15. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    hmmm well, i don't have another one laying around...i might be able to get one from a friend, i would like to assume though that the ecu is fine considering i just got it...
  16. 99sidude

    99sidude Moderator Moderator

    who knows? maybe the place screwed it up
  17. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    i hope not :( well im away from the car now, but im gonna try to find an ecu i can borrow.

    other than that when i'm working on it next i suppose i'm gonna start double checking all of my wiring....

    I'm a little worried that i wired the o2 sensor wrong, but i don't think that would keep the car from starting...

    I'm also worried that the Ecu is looking for a evap purge solenoid, but the JDM engine doesn't have one....

    well i'll start trouble shooting on saturday morning, anything else anyone can think of for me to try would be great!
  18. formby

    formby learning in progress

    i'm in the same boat as you now.... my lsv wont start, obd2b to obd1... i have two obd1 ecus neither will start the gd car...

    if i turn it on ill let you know what was wrong..

    keep us posted
  19. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    Cool, i have a little update...


    I did a compression test, all 4 cylinders were at about 178psi
    I double checked that i had spark and the wires were in the correct order
    I double checked that i rewired my dizzy, alternator, and fuel injectors correctly


    Today i plan on pulling the injectors cleaning them and trying to figure out how to test them. I kinda think they aren't spraying. I have power to them (checked with a volt meter will cranking the car), but when i pulled the spark plugs to do the compression test they had no gas (thought they might from trying to start the car) on them nor did i smell any gas coming from the spark plug hole.....

    so i'm thinking my injectors may be clogged or damaged (dude above mentioned that might be the problem but i thought i cleaned well enough before dropping the engine in). They havn't been used in 6+months and did sit out for awhile.....

    I will try to put up some pics later
  20. muzeii

    muzeii New Member

    don't know if anyone is reading this but heres an update!

    Status: still not running

    I figured out how to check my CEL code by using a jumper (didn't think of it earlier don't know why)

    Anyhow i'm throughing code 10 which is the IAT sensor (this makes sense b/c the jdm b18c doesn't use an IAT, makes me feel like the ECU is working).

    I'm also throughing code 16, fuel injectors! I think the problem is in the wiring but i don't realy know where to start. I was thinking about making a quick sub harness to run the injectors (i'm pretty handy with a soldering gun), I know where the four ecu wires goto, but i don't know where the yellow black wires that run to each injector go, i can't tell from any wire diargrams either. I'm assumeing they are either switched 12v, constant 12v, or ground. Anyone know?

    Also I am now certain that the engine side wire harness i bought for this project wasn't even close to what the guy said it was. Thought it was a obd1 94 GSR harness, then when i got home found it didn't have the Vtec wiring, so i made a sub harness, now i'm wondering what else is wrong with it....

    With the drivers side fire wall plugs there is a plug with all yellow and black strip wires going to it.....it's not plugged into anything. Does anyone know what this is for and if it's normal to have? I ran an olhm test on it and found that some of the wires run back to the injectors.....is this suppose to plug into a grounded plug or something to complete those circuits? I have no where to plug it into........ or is it just for running engine disgnoses...

    I need to get this beast running please help!

    formby did you get your ride running?

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