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B18c Turbo Conversion

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by web_crx, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. web_crx

    web_crx Junior Member

    I am currently building a B18C and I am turbocharging it, I was wonderong on advice on what bits I absolutely need to get the engine runing correctly. My quiries were do I need
    Bigger injectors or could I run an extra injector with a hop switch
    Camgears, adjustable
    Metal head Gasket
    I have an Apexi VAFC fuel computer, will that be sufficiant or will I need to run a bigger computer like motec or wolfe


  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    extra injectors suck... stick to upgrading the 4 you have. depending on how big you are going, 440s, 550s, 720s will hold 90% of the turbo setups out there.
    toda cam gears
    you really dont need the headgasket either...

    IMO, a vafc is a pos and is not suitable to tune a boosted application. Plenty of people do it, but a lot of them blow up. I would not put 5 psi on a small ass turbo on my car without hondata or aem ems TUNED with a wide band o2 on a dyno. but thats me.
    motec is kinda going crazy IMO- its bad ass... but its also a shit load of cash
  3. cws13

    cws13 Senior Member

    are you going to be running a kit or going homemade? how many miles are on the engine?
  4. prawjEKt Cx

    prawjEKt Cx Senior Member

    i'm with him on this one
  5. Integra1990

    Integra1990 Senior Member

    hondata is the way to go, never heard of them steerin people wrong

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