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Gsr Swap....

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by minivan_don, May 5, 2003.

  1. minivan_don

    minivan_don Junior Member

    im lookin at the a 96+ gsr b18c1 swap into a 6th gen civic and reading the swap info here on hondaswap and other postings, it doesnt really discuss how they actually hook up the vtec for that application.
    whats involved in converting the civic (obd2 non-vtec) to have the vtec gsr motor (obd 1 or 2) NOT including dropping the motor/trany in, the linkage, and ecu! ??? what wires do i have to add or splice or what-ever to have it properly wired for the vtec swap??

    also, on R Crew Racing web site, it has under the civic section an OBD 2 to OBD1 ECU jumpers.... now i know that if the car is an OBD2 and your dropping an OBD1 engine in there, your going to have to play around with some wires to make it all work. is this the easy "prefab'd" way out and will the harness work on ANY obd2 to obd1 conversions into the civic (like i mentioned somewhat in the last question in the 1at paragraph) ?? anything else i should know about this type of swap?

    THANKS ALOT ALL ... i just need to learn ALL the angles and info involved so that i can plan out the easiest swap posible for me .
  2. B16

    B16 Super Moderator

    well, depending on your ecu you use (you do need a vetc ecu, preferably the one that goes with your motor) you wire up your vtec wires to it, find a pin out for that ecu. if you have an obdII car and an obdII motor, you do not need to convert to obdI. however, i have an obdII car and obdII motor and i converted to obdI, for tuning reasons. obdII is more difficult to tune than obdI ecus, which is why people do it. the conversion harnesses only allow you to run certain obd ecu's on other obd engine harnesses.
  3. minivan_don

    minivan_don Junior Member

    ok. so lets say for an example, i bought a obd1 gsr motor n trany and installed that into the civic. then i have to hook up the vtec wires into the gsr ecu using ____ (what/how - tools?) ???
    wouldnt it be easier to go to the wreckers to find the wiring harness from a obd1 gsr motor thats still in 1 piece that i can just unplug from the ecu and the block ?? (if thats even posible)
    ie: uncut gsr harness on ebay.com


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