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n2o or turbo

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by redef91, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. redef91

    redef91 Senior Member

    i know this ? has been asked before but i real need some help:confused: . i was given a garrett t3 turbo for free .42 .48. and i curretly have a ls in my car. now should do turbo or nitrous which one will i get more power. looking around 180hp to the floor. i heard that turbo is too small for an ls. i will be running turbo edit if i go turbo. i mean the turbo looks so small :huh: i will have buy everything else for it intercooler,piping,manfiold,etc.... n20 sounds easier i mean i only have like 1000 to spend and suggestions
  2. Speedracer228

    Speedracer228 ......

    boost it, the turbo will support 200hp, but die out a bit on the top end. However because it is t3 flanged it will make it very easy to upgrade to a larger t3 or t3/t4 hybrid with only tuning changes (if you start out with at least dsm 450cc injectors)

    Id say build a kit around the smaller turbo, then upgrade when you need more
  3. weirtech

    weirtech New Member

    good advice there. i've done both and n2o is a pain to refill all the time.
  4. redef91

    redef91 Senior Member

    thanx guys i go that route i mean just picked up a drag manifold for 50 bucks off my boy:D

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