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PLEASE help, distributor 180 out of time

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by 240crx, May 2, 2004.

  1. 240crx

    240crx Junior Member

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    May 2, 2004
    I got B18A1 cams, by crane, the 012. I put them in my B18B1 and my distributor only goes in with the distributor key turned 180 degrees from it's mark. The result is spark 90 degrees early. NO GOOD. Where did I go wrong? do I need B18B1 cams, i realize this is a distinct possibility. I tried switching the plug wires, and I reversed the key on the distributor (the offset piece that fits into the cam, the source of my grief) but the car doesn't start. I suspect this is because of the crank position sensor inside the distributor. Can I disable the CPS, or can any of you think of a solution?

    B18B1, 92 A1 distributor, crane cams for A1

    Please help, please
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