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washington can license dirtbikes for street use.....FINALLY!!!

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by chadcharb, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. chadcharb

    chadcharb Well-Known Member

    Olympia, Washington 19 April 2011
    The Legislature has passed and the Governor signed SB5800. This bill would
    allow properly equipped and documented off-road motorcycles to be legally
    converted to street use.

    This common sense piece of legislation was passed with strong bipartisan
    support, 46 to 2 in the Senate and 96 to 0 in the House of Representatives.

    SB5800 was sponsored by Senators Curtis King, Mary Margaret Haugen, Paul
    Shin and strongly supported by the Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance,
    the Northwest Motorcycle Association and a large number of offroad
    motorcycle enthusiasts.

    With many offroad motorcycle trails being fragmented by roadbuilding and
    timber harvesting, there is a growing number of riders that would like the
    opportunity to make their motorcycles legal to use the forest roads to
    connect the otherwise lost trails.

    The equipment requirement compliance inspection will be accomplished by
    motorcycle dealerships and the owner of the motorcycle will have to sign a
    statement that releases the State from all liability and acknowledges that
    they are aware that the motorcycle was not manufactured for street use and
    has been modified to be suitable for that purpose.

    The Washington State Patrol did not oppose this bill and stated before the
    Senate Transportation Committee that properly modified offroad motorcycles
    would not be any less safe than other street motorcycles.

    Rural communities would also benefit when these motorcyclists are able to
    travel into their towns and enhance the local economy.

    Other states have enacted similar laws and they have proven to be a safe and
    effective solution.
    With the additional fees involved, this will also be a revenue positive
    change for the State of Washington.

    Tod Petersen
    Political Action Committee Chairman, Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance
    Legislative/Land Use Coordinator, Northwest Motorcycle Association
    P.O. Box 61161
    Seattle, WA 98141

    Timeline of the Bill SB5800.
    SB 5800 - 2011-12
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  2. double0Si

    double0Si ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

    Wow, that is a common sense law. lol I cant believe a state with as much wilderness areas such as Washington would be so far behind on that subject.
  3. chadcharb

    chadcharb Well-Known Member

    your tellin me! ive been waitin a long time for this

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