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Wiring A Gsr Cluster Into An Eg!

Discussion in 'ECU's, Electronics, and Tuning' started by Hybrid93Hatch, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. Hybrid93Hatch

    Hybrid93Hatch Member

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    Oct 27, 2002
    According to this site http://www.fifthgearonline.com...2.htm the first wire (B1) on the "B" connector is yellow/black for the seatbelt light. The yellow/black wire on my "B" connector is actually "B11". My first wire - B1 is red/blue which is suppose to be "B3" on the site above.
    I can see in this pic of the harness of the site above that the first wire is yellow/black. But, I have NO idea why mine is NOT.

    My plugs are as follows for the GSR:

    16 pin connector:

    B1 - red/blue
    B2 - light grn/red
    B3 - yellow
    B4 - blue/white
    B5 - red
    B6 - orange
    B7 - grn
    B8 - blue/red
    B9 - red
    B10 - black/red
    B11 - black/yellow
    B12 - yellow
    B13 - grn/blue
    B14 - grn/yellow
    B15 - red/grn
    B16 - grn/red

    13 pin connector

    C1 - red/blue
    C2 - pink
    C3 - blue/white
    C4 - yellow
    C5 - red/blue
    C6 - black
    C7 - yellow/grn
    C8 - orange
    C9 - white/blue
    C10 - grn
    C11 - yellow/red
    C12 - grn/orange
    C13 - blue

    My Civic connectors:

    12 pin connector:

    #1 - yellow/white
    #2 - yellow/blue
    #3 - grn/yellow
    #4 - grn/blue
    #5 - white/blue
    #6 - yellow/red
    #7 - EMPTY
    #8 - blue
    #9 - EMPTY
    #10 - black/yellow
    #11 - red/black
    #12 - red

    10 pin connector
    #1a - red/grn
    #2a - grn/red
    #3a - EMPTY
    #4a - EMPTY
    #5a - grn/ornage
    #6a - black
    #7a - yellow/grn
    #8a - yellow
    #9a - grn
    #10a - blue/white

    I just am not sure about the mixup on the GSR plugs with mine and the ones labeled on the site above.

    Any reason why mine are in different order?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Hybrid93Hatch

    Hybrid93Hatch Member

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    Oct 27, 2002
    I can't get anything to work on the GSR cluster. I've printed out 3 diagrams people put together from the web and none have worked for me (all 3 are different in one way or another as well).
    If someone has access to the GSR electrical Helms manual (thinner book) that would be great! Or if someone can tell me where I can find the 2 gauge cluster harnesses in my 98 GSR Helms manual that would be just as good. I have found the actual 2 harnesses for the cluster. Just believe the only way to find out what each wire represents is in the electrical manual only....

    Thanks for any help on this!
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