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    FS: A'pex-i N1 Muffler $200 shipped (new in box)

    It is basically brand new. never used and is still in box with the bubble wrap still wrapped around it. selling it because i need money for my swap. this is the muffler designed for NA applications with a 60 mm inlet. $200 shipped.
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    any GOOD BUILDERs here

    i'd atleast upgrade to arp head bolts, shot peened ls rods or eagle rods, arp rod bolts, balanced bottom end to be on the safe side.
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    D-series engine harness on a B-series?

    this may seem like a noob, but.... will a d15b7 engine harness work on a b18b1?
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    Strut Tower Braces

    yea i'd get the front too...try to stay away from cheap crap, cuz those might bend at high speed turns which in then defeats the whole purpose of having strut bars anyways...i'd suggest skunk2 or spoon sports...although dc sports is a good company i've heard their strut bars bend at high...
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    what car to buy?

    go for the prelude vtec...200 hp bonestock...then use the money to get a turbo and replace the internals
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    Del Sol Swap?

    yea i would go wit the b18 too....also you should replace the internals such as pistons, rods, valves, etc....but to make a car go that fast you have to make a lot of sacrifices too =\
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    5 lug convo

    yea to get the 5 lug conversion you have to get the type r axles and also you'll get 4 wheel disc brakes and it opens you up to more options on wheels