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    b16a1 ls/vtec question

    I have an entire b16a1 engine, tranny, ecu, axles, and i was wondering with all the convertions i will have to be doing to put this engine in my 1994 cx (w\sohc vtec engine) would i be better off purchasing a 1994+ obd1 b18b swap and swapping the b16a1 head. That way i would have a hydro tranny...
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    cx with d16z6 engine rev problems

    I have a 1994 civic cx h/b i just purchased with a d16z6 engine. It also has the si/ex instrument gauge cluster and 17" tenzo r rims with lopro yok tires. For some reason once i rev past 6k i lose power and it gets real hard for the engine to rev higher which forces me to shift. I am trying...
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    92 Civic Hatchback Vtec Wires?

    thanks a lot
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    92 Civic Hatchback Vtec Wires?

    I'm going to hopefully be purchasing a 5 gen civic hatch and i was wondering about the possibility that vtec wires exist already... i heard all 92 civics have vtec wires but some arent hooked up to this true? also, how can i identify them? am i better off just searching for an...
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    What System? On CRX

    if you want a simple system then with that amp id recomend two 10's in a sealed enclosure for best sound quality.... if you want serious SPL like my rex get six tens in a vented enclosure..... thats another story though 12's take up more space because of the enclosure but it will sound better...
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    Are any of you familiar with Flashoptions? i went on their site and found some nice prices for engines and such.... i was wondering if anybody could verify their credibility or give me any info on them?? thanks
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    D Series Head Swaps?!?!?!?!

    thanks for the site.... now i need the time
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    D Series Head Swaps?!?!?!?!

    thanks for the info....what about the d series vtec head on a d15 out of a 91 civic??
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    D Series Head Swaps?!?!?!?!

    i was wondering whats the difficulties in doing a d series teg head swap on a crx si block?
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    Shift Linkage

    I have an 1988 crx si and i finally got my b16a ordered and its on its way. I'm now getting all the necesary parts for getting it running as fast as possible. I know i can get a shift linkage from hasport but i was wondering is there another one that is cheeper and maybe available from the...
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    Ecu Conversion Harness

    My 89 crx si still needs a b18a engine transplant. I can get a b18a out of a 92-93 teg for about $3-$400 with 87000 miles. but since this is obd1 i have to convert my car. Now i saw hasport and another company sells ecu conversion harnesses. Is this all i will need to make my car accept this...
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    Crx Si To B18a Wireing

    ok... i didn't get my 92 b18a engine but i might be getting a 93 whole car thats totalled... my question is how can i convert my car to obd1 for this engine? do i use the entire wireing harness and ecu and im set or is there more to it? also the teg has an auto and i thought that the autos...
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    B18a1 Obd1 Wireing Issues?!?!?!?

    thanks for the info where could i get a harness from? the ecu i can get off ebay or something but im haveing trouble finding the other parts. My engine is off ebay so i don't have a car i can go back to at the junkyard and get more parts from. so i need a harness and an ecu, right? thanks
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    B18a1 Obd1 Wireing Issues?!?!?!?

    ok, i have an 89 crx si and i want my 92 teg b18a engine to get wired but because my car is obdo i need to convert it iether to obd1 or change my engine to obdo... to convert the engine to obdo i would need injectors, distibuter and ecu from a 90-91 teg, right? what are the axtra...
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    Teg Ecu's, Is There A Difference?

    ok i have to use the obdo ecu because my car is obdo, right? and what about my engine? its out of a 92 teg... and thats supposed to be obd1 clarify exaclty what obd(0,1,2) is