Crx Si To B18a Wireing

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ok... i didn't get my 92 b18a engine but i might be getting a 93 whole car thats totalled... my question is how can i convert my car to obd1 for this engine? do i use the entire wireing harness and ecu and im set or is there more to it? also the teg has an auto and i thought that the autos axles were different than the manuals tranny's, is this true? can i not use them with an LS manual tranny on my 89 crxsi?

whats your opinion on buying this wrecked car?

well you have to get a obd1 ecu conversion harness, goto and check there stuff out they have a converion harness, but they are pricey if you feel you have good soldering skills IM me and I will give the e-mail address of a dude who will make you half of the harness and then you will have to cut your old harness and solder the new half on.
Good Luck...