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    WTT LSVTEC HATCH for eg coupe AZ

    i traded this a long time ago man, sorry, i to now have a eg with a d16z6 but its turbocharfed <_<
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    Fs: Slim Turbo Raditator Fan, JDM Wire Cover

    bump, someone pick up this fan, this is a good price and leaves more room for the turbo
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    WTB 91 integra dizzy

    found one for 55 shipped, thanks anways
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    Wtb 91 integra AC compressor

    i need a AC compressor that is in good working condtion for my 91 acura integra, anyone got one for cheap let me know, thanks
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    WTB 91 integra dizzy

    i can get one off ebay for 155 shipped
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    WTB 91 integra dizzy

    i need one, mine went bad thanks
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    d-series parts/ integra ls parts

    hey man, do u have the integra ls dizzy? i need one for my 91, will it work for a 91?
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    i have 92 civic hatchback turboed d16z6 i have it in this fourm, check it out, im in tucson, az taking offers
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    92 d16z6 turbo hatchback for sale

    forgot to add im in tucson, az