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    sohc frankinstin

    I have a D16Y8 intake and vtec head, with ecu.....$200.00
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    selling on ebay

    ya i see them on myebay but i was trying to search them to see how hard it would be to find them and i cant find them. but ya they probably just aren't posted yet. Thanks
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    selling on ebay

    hey im wondering if you guys can help? ive posted some items for sale on ebay and i cant seem to find them when i search them?? ive tryed to search them in the exact catagory that they were posted in. and ive tryed to search the exact listing name and still i cant find the listing?? am i doing...
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    WTB:set of 15 or 16 inch black rims, will trade zc d16z6

    probably like $200.00 obo, im in canada so shipping might be expensive
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    acura 1.6EL

    im wondering if any of my fellow british columbians know of suppliers or reputable fabricators that can supply me with a roll-bar for the EL??? i cant find any listings, they're all american??
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    WTB:set of 15 or 16 inch black rims, will trade zc d16z6

    ive got a set off stock 14"s for cheap they've been rallyed abit but they where proffesionally done (alum primer, acrylic enamel, and lots of clear!). they are still 14's but ill sell for cheap.
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    Valve covers!!!

    the old one the new one....colors are yet to be determind
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    lightest rims ever??

    id like to go with 17" but people have told me it might not be as practical as 16" because of the way i drive :D and obviosly the weight differance
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    Ratings for companys that sell engine swaps?

    i said "now it runs great and i acredit that to honda." sorry for you lack of interprutation, but i love my honda!!
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    Ratings for companys that sell engine swaps?

    im not big on shit talking but people must be warned!! i bought my engine ect, from nagasaki jdm motors and was not stoked at all!! they gave me the wrong wiring warness the wrong ecu and the valve covers had orange spray paint on it. the engine is great now that its running, but i acredit that...
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    Talk me out of this car

    my girlfriend wanted to trade her civic, nicknamed "cherry" for one of those. she said and i quote "ohhh myyy god!! its soooo cute" end quote. hope this helps lol
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    Short ram..

    call me redneck but when i was in getting my exaust done i got him to build me a short ram out off 3" exaust pipe. cost me $15 and it took 10 min easiest and cheapest mod on my whole car but well worth it!! j
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    lightest rims ever??

    haha i knew it was on here somewhere. i did look but.. i guess im still a newb thanks though.
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    lightest rims ever??

    hey im looking for rims for summer but i want to buy the lightest rims possible. does anyone know which rim company makes the lightest rims? and is there anything i should look for to ensure im buying a set of rims that will hold up to the constant abuse i plan to serve them?