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General Lee

New Member
hey im wondering if you guys can help? ive posted some items for sale on ebay and i cant seem to find them when i search them?? ive tryed to search them in the exact catagory that they were posted in. and ive tryed to search the exact listing name and still i cant find the listing?? am i doing something wrong??
they should be under the myebay link on the top right.

items don't show up right away if you just lsited them
ya i see them on myebay but i was trying to search them to see how hard it would be to find them and i cant find them. but ya they probably just aren't posted yet.
i have that problem with craigslist a lot.
if i look at the recent postings, i cant find what i posted.
but if i search for it or go to the specific link i can find it right away.
Did you just post them today? Wait a day then search keywords...should be there somewhere. It all depends on how you categorized it.