lightest rims ever??

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General Lee

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hey im looking for rims for summer but i want to buy the lightest rims possible. does anyone know which rim company makes the lightest rims? and is there anything i should look for to ensure im buying a set of rims that will hold up to the constant abuse i plan to serve them?


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Enkei RP-F1.


Can't chew him up too hard, that list is 5+ years old. Which means most of the wheels on it won't be available and most of the wheels sold today won't be on it..
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General Lee

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id like to go with 17" but people have told me it might not be as practical as 16" because of the way i drive :D and obviosly the weight differance


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well they just came out with a 3lb cf rim. Look for rays gram lights tho


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i'm pretty sure the cpo-35 racing hearts were the lightest 15's ever made

The SSR Type-C weigh around the same(both are advertised around 9.3lb for the 15x7). The CP-035s came in 6" wide though which is of course lighter than the 7" wide ones.

Volk TE-37s are pretty light also.


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Rims with no spokes have to be the lightest