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    F/S B18 OBD-0

    hey guys looking to sell my spare OBD-0 B18, complete with harness for crx/hatch, ecm, distrib, manifolds, sensors, 5Zigen stainless header, and bseries half shaft, sorry no tranny or linkage. had a bad tranny, looking for $400 obo plus shipping or local pick up in green bay, wi. email me @...
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    Need 89 crx parts? Look here.

    that would be awesome
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    CRX SI and MINI ME parts

    hey everone looking to open up some garage space. i have a d16a6 with tranny, motor ran great when removed, full harness still attached, tranny no grinds needs a clutch, complete best offer + shipping D16Z6 head complete with intake manifold, injectors, throttle body, valve cover, fuel pressure...
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    Need 89 crx parts? Look here.

    hey i am in need of a few parts. i need the heater duct work that goes from the blower box to the heater core behind the glove box, the outer door handles, door latch assembles (inside each door held in by 3 screws) the rods for both inner and outer door handles, drivers side outer window trim...
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    jdm syncro part #s?

    anyone know/have the part #s for new syncros for a jdm y1 cable tranny?
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    Hf monster

    oh yeah and if really interested i may also have a z6 head (sohc vtec) complete (needs spark plug orings and distributor) with intake manifold fuel rail and pressure regulator if you want to mini me it up. i was going to build a mini me turbo but just aquired an ls for a great price. i can even...
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    Hf monster

    hey joesbadcrx rather then mess around entirely why not just swap to the a6 motor, tranny intake manifold? i may have a setup for sale that would need a clutch but very strong motor, if interested let me know and drop me a price (email:
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    still tranny swappin....88-89 to 90-91

    most likely hearing fuel running through the fuel rail and/or fuel pump priming if no leaks are present.
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    Huge swap question(s)

    thanks for the input all. i am not afraid of the wiring issue, been doing that stuff since before i was turning wrenches and my dad is a licensed electrician so that end of it isnt so bad. i also heard that the hasport setup kinda wrecks the clutch feel, i may just be ambitious enough to do a...
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    pry like there is no tomorrow, ive run into a couple it'll give just watch your knuckles!!!
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    Huge swap question(s)

    okay someone needs to put together a solid diy article on these swaps but i would like to pose a scenario here. got a CRX Si (manual, to make it easier no dpfi to mpfi) and i want to swap said obd0 to obd1 in order to run a 92-95 vtec (any vtec as of this point take your pick), but i want to do...
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    Parting out a '91 CRX Si

    how much for the rear plastic piece in the middle, goes between the two rear quarter plastics behind the center tail light? and how about the heater duct that goes between the blower housing and the heater core right behind the glove box and the heater controls? sorry for so many questions my...
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    b18a into 89 CRX Si Ecm help

    okay swapping a 90 b18a into an 89 crx si, i switched the entire harness from the old crx motor over to the integra motor, now do i need to switch any wiring in order to use the integra ecm?
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    auto ecm to manual

    sorry nevermind found pills page
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    auto ecm to manual

    i need help asap on how to convert an auto p28 to 5 spd. thanks
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    Help with VSS check engine light!!! (long)

    oh yeah tested all wires, 12+ is there, ground is there, and continuity between signal wire on the vss plug to ecm good. possibly bad connection on the cluster? does have 180K on chassis.
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    Help with VSS check engine light!!! (long)

    i am having a problem with my speedo and vss. i have a 93 del sol (s) with a 93 del sol (si) d16z6 and 95 civic (ex auto) ecu and 95 civic (si hatch) tranny (5spd). basically swaped motors and tranny into car, plugged ecu in, added vtec wires, drove car for a while with c.e.l. b/c auto ecm...
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    OBD1 H22 Lude check engine probs HELP?!?!

    Someone please help me!!!! got a 95 lude h22 keep getting code 9 for cylinder 1 sensor, replaced and still getting it!!! i also got code 43 for fuel system but erased codes and havent got that one since. just redid all vaccuum lines b/c i found a bad one. has a walbro pump and jackson adjustable...
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    Street Imports Half Cuts

    hey JDMPowersales, got any halfcuts in green and/or with lsd 5spd? price if so too please.
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    New 'lude

    I have a 95 h22 lude, cheap short ram, cheap universal muffler, stock 15in wheels with cheap tires and centerforce dual friction clutch(only mod i have done since getting the car is the clutch) ran 14.9 @ 94, 15.1 @ 91 and 15.3 @ 92. I cant really complain.
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